Our team at Midwest Sealing Products recognizes that producing a high quality parts is not enough by itself to meet our customer’s requirements. Consequently in addition to professional account management we offer the following services:

Vendor Stocking Programs

Where parts are stocked at our facility based on customer requirements, ready for immediate shipment to customer when needed.

Consignment Inventory Programs

Where parts inventory is stocked at the customer’s location, and only invoiced once the parts are pulled by customer from the consignment inventory.

Just in Time (JIT) Inventory Programs

That use a variety of inventory programs and logistic services, to insure parts arrive at our customer’s facility on the required date.

Special Packaging

Including the use of custom cartons and labeling that allow for easier handling during assembly operations, or as final end user packaging.

Special Labeling

Including bar coding, logos, and other graphics.

Kitting Services

Where multiple parts are brought together and packaged to create a unique customer part number.

Design Support

Based on our many years of experience in providing parts for a variety of applications and industries.