Midwest Sealing Products, Inc. provides custom die cutting services for a wide range of industries and applications. We operate an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility housing a wide range of equipment including some of the most technologically advanced and high speed die cutting machinery available today. Following is a partial list of our capabilities by equipment:

Preco High Speed Presses

We operate multiple Preco Presses with up to 60 tons cutting pressure, 24″ wide press beds, and run speeds of over 100 strokes per minute (depending on part size). They support a wide range of tooling including male-female die sets, progressive die sets, combination die sets, and steel rule dies.¬†We have the capability to run not only simple parts but also a variety of complex, tight tolerance parts including kiss cut parts all at high speeds.

Rotary Press

We operate a 90″ diameter 60″ wide rotary die cutter that can attain speeds of up to 200ft per minute. This unit allows us produce parts in very high volumes including very large parts.

Wide Bed Beam Presses

Our multiple beam presses allow us to produce large parts and to cut multiple layers of material.

Traveling Head and Swing Beam Presses

These units are used to produce smaller parts in low to medium volumes.

Vulcanizing Equipment

We use multiple types of vulcanizing equipment allowing us to produce a variety of parts from the very large made from sections to those made from extrusions with intricate cross sections.

Laminating Equipment

When required we are able to apply pressure sensitive adhesive to many materials using this equipment.

Slitting Equipment

We operate several multi-knife high speed slitters that we use to reduce wide rolls of gasket material into smaller coils for use in our high speed presses. These units also allow us to provide converting services.

Shearing Equipment

This unit allows us to convert large sheets into strips for further processing.