Flexible Graphite Gasket Materials

Flexible Graphite sheet is manufactured from crystalline graphite flake and provides excellent sealing characteristics in high temperature, high pressure, and aggressive chemical environments. It is flexible, compactible, conformable, and resilient, and will seal under moderate bolt load with excellent torque retention.  Flexible Graphite is available as homogeneous, laminated, and metal inserted sheet. Graphite sheet materials are rated for use in oxidizing environments from -400°F to 850°F. They can potentially be used up to 5400°F in non-oxidizing environments, depending on insert material, pressure and other factors.

  • Homogeneous Flexible Graphite Sheet (Grafoil style GTB)
  • Laminated Flexible Graphite Sheet (Grafoil style GHL)
  • Flexible Graphite Sheet with 316Ss Wire Mesh Insert (Grafoil style GHS)
  • Flexible Graphite Sheet with 316Ss Foil Insert (Grafoil style GHR)
  • Flexible Graphite Sheet with 316Ss Tang Insert (Grafoil style GHE)
  • Flexible Graphite Sheet with Aluminum Foil Insert

Midwest Sealing Products is a distributor and fabricator of Graftech Grafoil, the original flexible graphite sheet. We also carry generic unbranded versions from other sources as well. Various thicknesses, as well as sheet and roll sizes are available, accommodating most gasket requirements.