NOVATEC 825°F is Frenzelit's general service compressed gasket sheet made with 75% pure graphite. This unique gasket sheet has great flexibility. It is easily identified by the cranberry colored "easy release" non-stick coating. This sheet's 45% compressibility allows for better sealing for those less than perfect flanges. This material does not cold flow when compressed with excessive torque. It likes stress and performs its best when compressed to 5000 PSI and beyond. This is an excellent steam sheet that works best in flanges. Temperature rated up to 825°F per manufacturer.

NOVATEC 925°F is Frenzelit's universal high pressure compressed sheet gasket material and it contains 75% pure graphite. This is an excellent chemical sheet that works best in flanges, pump casings, heat exchangers, lids, vessels, valve bodies and sight glasses. It can replace flexible graphite in many applications. This sheet is easily identified by its grape colored "easy release" non-stick coating. Temperature rated up to 925°F per manufacturer.

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