Midwest Sealing Products, Inc. is an authorized fabricator and distributor of Garlock Sealing Technology gasket materials. Some of the more popular products are:

BLUE-GARD Gasketing

This line of compressed gasketing provides a range of elastomers that help in multiple applications. Through excellent sealability, a one-of-a-kind composition of aramid fibers, elastomeric binders and fillers, these gaskets help improve torque retention and greatly reduce emission levels. Blue-Gard gasketing also saves cost by eliminating additional waste, reducing maintenance, energy consumption, and fluid loss.


High temperature fillers, aramid fiber, and nitrile (NBR) binder. This is Garlock’s most popular compressed sheet.

Blue-gard Style 3000


High temperature fillers, SBR binder, and aramid fiber. This style is approved for military specification MIL-G-24696.

Blue-gard Style 3200


Aramid fiber, neoprene (CR) binder, and high temperature fillers. This style can handle service condition with refrigerants as well as numerous petroleum-based oils.

Blue-gard Style 3300


SBR binder, high temperature fillers, and aramid fiber. This style is often used in applications involving low-pressure saturated steam.

Blue-gard Style 3400


EPDM binder, aramid fiber, and high-temperature fillers. This style is used in service areas with weak caustics. Midwest Sealing Products can answer any question regarding your specific concentration and fluid.

Blue-gard Style 3700


Style 2930

This utility gasket material is composed of aramid fibers with a neoprene binder, offering excellent sealability, improved thermal stability, and well suited for general service applications.

Utility-grade Style 2930

MULTI-SWELL® Style 3760

Amramid Fibers with proppietary rubber bind

The MULTI-SWELL® style of gasketing offers an ultra-tight seal in oil and water applications, helping to stop leaks in gear boxes, pumps, compressors, lube oil systems, and access covers. It also replaces vegetable fiber gaskets in numerous processes, and creates compressive load in lightweight flanges in water and oil service, providing seals where standard gaskets cannot.

In addition, this style of gasketing is more universal than gaskets that swell only in oil, which helps to reduce inventory. It performs exceptionally in flanges that could potentially crush a gasket made of elastomer, which makes it applicable to a wide range of applications. It is more compressible than standard fiber seals and gaskets with low loads.

MULTI-SWELL boasts easy handling and cutting, with extreme flexibility and minimal waste. It can also seal flanges in less than ideal conditions, which reduces the amount of required maintenance.

Multi-swell Style 3760

Please contact us to learn about using Garlock Sealing Technolgy products in your next application.

*Disclaimer: Midwest Sealing Products, Inc. believes that the information provided is a true and accurate description of the products listed. However, it is the responsibility of the user to test the product to determine performance, efficacy and safety.